The Alliance of New Americans was founded in 1990 by Dr. Marlen Tejeda. The mission of our agency is to promote educational, social services and cultural opportunities and to serve as Conroe and Montgomery County community role model. We are dedicated to the empowerment our community.

We provide programs for families to build a stronger, healthier community and provide access to vital community services.

Conroe and Montgomery County now faces dramatic changes in population and experience diversity, among new immigrants that are coming from Latin America in search of investments, safer environments, quality education, and a better future for their families.

New residents know the importance of being educated, learning English, becoming U.S. citizens, and being ready to assimilate into a new culture. They need to know how our system works so that they can become a part of it.

We offer free English as a Second Language class and GED prep. classes in collaboration with the Lone Star College, computer classes, finances classes, music classes.

We have been teaching Citizenship prep classes for more than twenty six years in Conroe, and we have extended our program to different cities.